Christian Colleges in Kentucky

Kentucky offers a diverse selection of religious journeys to enrich your career and life, whether you’re looking to go to ministry or missions, or if you want scholarly knowledge of the Bible.

It’s easy for people of different denominations and backgrounds to come together at Christian colleges in Kentucky, because they’re inclusive communities. Interested in learning more about Kentucky? Keep reading! Kentucky has a charming Southern ambiance and a rich Christian heritage.

List of Christian Colleges in Kentucky

Students can engage in Christian principles in the classrooms at these colleges as they explore their faith, meet like-minded people, and learn from faculty members who are passionate about the subject they are teaching.

The following prestigious Kentucky colleges offer courses related to Christianity or religion:

Asbury University (Wilmore, Kentucky)

Image of Asbury University’s Campus
Image from Asbury University’s official website
Tuition$23,048 –  $45,462
Graduation Rate68%
Acceptance Rate77%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationProtestant Christian 
Church AffiliationsWesleyan Church
ACT Range20–27

Admission Requirements

The official website of Asbury University offers more information about admissions and financial aid at

Courses Offered

Bachelor’s Degree in Bible & Theology

Students in the program take part in enriching academic events, including lectures by visiting scholars from nearby Asbury Seminary and the Wesleyan Heritage Conference. The students are also granted full access to Asbury Seminary’s B.L. Fisher Theological Library as well as the Kinlaw Library on campus, both of which offer full library privileges.

Moreover, Asbury University offers exceptional travel and study opportunities for Bible and Theology majors. During faculty-led study tours of Bible lands, including Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and Rome, students gain academic credit while immersing themselves in the historical and cultural contexts of biblical texts.

Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry

With the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Youth Ministry degree program at Asbury University, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to become effective youth workers.

124 credits are required to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry. The framework consists of core courses, Foundations requirements, and electives. Through the core major courses, totaling 51 credits, students will gain a deep understanding of youth ministry principles and practices. Students must also take 56 credits in Foundations in addition to the core majors.

Campbellsville University (Campbellsville, Kentucky)

Image of Campbellsville University’s Campus
Image from Campbellsville University’s official website
Tuition$23,445 –  $40,492
Graduation Rate33%
Acceptance RateN/A
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationBaptist
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range17 – 24

Admission Requirements

Interested students are encouraged to visit the following web page for more information about admission and financial aid at Campbellsville University:  

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries

Besides preaching, counseling, church management, and various spiritual disciplines, Campbellsville University offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Pastoral Ministries. There are 48 hours of coursework in this major, which can be taken on the main campus, at the Louisville Education Center, or online.

With a pastoral ministry degree, you’ll be prepared to be pastors, church planting leaders, and religious counselors. With this program, you’ll develop leaders deeply rooted in Christ who can make a difference at home and abroad.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Designed to provide a solid foundation in biblical study, teaching, and preaching, Campbellsville University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. As a major in Biblical Studies, students become dedicated followers of Christ who are committed to faithfully interpreting and applying the Bible. The program comprises 48 credit hours.

Kentucky Christian University (Grayson, Kentucky)

Image of Kentucky Christian University’s Campus
Image from Kentucky Christian University’s official website
Tuition$23,106 –  $37,314
Graduation Rate36%
Acceptance Rate58%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) 
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsChurches of Christ and Christian Churches
ACT Range16 – 21

Admission Requirements

Find out more about admissions at Kentucky Christian University at

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Ministry

Among the curriculum options at Kentucky Christian University are an Arts and Sciences core and a dual major in Bible and Ministry. This program requires graduates to complete an emphasis in a specific area of ministry.

Applicants who are interested in majoring in or minoring in Ministry must demonstrate a high standard of Christian character and conduct in order to be able to be recommended by Keeran School of Bible and Ministry for employment in churches and other ministries.

Students must meet certain graduation requirements, including delivering an acceptable sermon or speech, demonstrating their abilities through an internship, and fulfilling all general graduation requirements.

Kentucky Wesleyan College (Owensboro, Kentucky)

Image of Kentucky Wesleyan College’s Campus
Image from Kentucky Wesleyan College’s official website
Tuition$28,242 –  $44,308
Graduation Rate45%
Acceptance Rate67%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsUnited Methodist Church
ACT Range19 and 24

Admission Requirements

This admissions page at provides all the information you need about starting your journey as a future Panther.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

With a Bachelor of Religion degree from Kentucky Wesleyan College, you’ll learn about religion and what it means in the modern world in a comprehensive way. This program examines the historical and cultural contexts of texts, like the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita.

During the Religion program at Kentucky Wesleyan College, students learn about religious traditions from the perspective of their beliefs, practices, and historical developments. There are courses in the curriculum devoted to analyzing texts, examining religion in society, and examining the moral and spiritual aspects of human existence.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Kentucky

College is not only a time for learning, but also a time for self-discovery, spiritual exploration, and personal growth. The following resources and organizations will serve as your guides for your faith as well as to connect you with a vibrant community of people who share your desire to integrate faith and education seamlessly.

Chi Alpha: If you’re a college student looking for an inclusive and vibrant community, then look no further than Chi Alpha. At Chi Alpha, discipleship is at its core. Their belief in the transformative power of mentoring leads them to offer small group gatherings such as “Life Groups” and “Core Groups” where students engage in Bible studies, heartfelt prayer, and insightful discussions.

The true difference between Chi Alpha and other colleges is their commitment to diversity. They welcome students of all backgrounds and denominations, emphasizing the diversity of cultures and beliefs within their community. Chi Alpha understands that the college years are an important time for forming values and convictions.

As a Chi Alpha member, you’ll find a supportive and secure environment where you can cultivate lifelong friendships with fellow believers, learn about the depths of your faith, and grow spiritually. You can deepen your understanding of Christianity, connect with like-minded individuals, or simply grow in your faith at Chi Alpha.

The Navigators: With a long history spanning decades, The Navigators has established itself as a prominent force in fostering spiritual growth and equipping believers to make a lasting impact on their communities.

To assist you in navigating your spiritual journey, The Navigators offers a wealth of resources, community, and support, whether you are a student, professional, or simply seeking to grow in your faith. Through a combination of authentic relationships and a passion for transforming lives, The Navigators continue to have a profound impact on individuals and communities around the world.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: It’s not just about hanging out (although they do too!) that makes InterVarsity Christian Fellowship great. Because they believe that students aren’t just the future, they’re the now of the church, they’re all about equipping them to step up and take on leadership roles.

Using their Catalyst program, InterVarsity invests in students’ leadership development. They give students specialized training, mentorship programs, and real-life ministry experiences that help them make a difference.

Besides that, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship hooks students up with a whole bunch of incredible resources to help them grow in faith. We’re talking books, devotionals, and even online platforms that are really cool. Their mission is to give students tools that give them a deeper understanding of Christianity and help them live their beliefs in a meaningful way.

Sigma Phi Lambda: This non-denominational Christian fellowship offers two distinct groups: “Sisters for the Lord” for women, and “Brothers for the Lord” or “Sons of the Living God” for men.

It’s all about providing a sorority experience that breaks away from the traditional Panhellenic system with “Sisters for the Lord.” On the other hand, “Brothers for the Lord” operates as a fraternity, emphasizing fellowship, deepening biblical understanding through dedicated Bible study sessions, heartfelt worship experiences, and active involvement in service initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Kentucky

Are there any outreach programs or Christian ministries available at Kentucky Christian colleges?

Actually, there are several Christian colleges in Kentucky offer students outreach and ministry opportunities on campus as well as in the community.

Is it possible to study at a Christian college in Kentucky if I want to study something non-religious?

Christian colleges in Kentucky offer degrees in a wide range of fields, including non-religious ones. They believe that a well-rounded education is important, so they offer academic excellence in a wide range of fields.

What about chapel services or spiritual gatherings?

Students in Christian colleges often gather for worship, prayer, and inspirational messages during chapel services or spiritual gatherings at their campuses. For students, these gatherings provide a supportive and uplifting environment in which to cultivate their faith and connect with their peers.

Can I take religion courses even if they aren’t related to my major?

While requirements may vary among colleges, many Christian colleges in Kentucky do have a general education component that includes religion courses. Regardless of your major, these courses provide a broader understanding of Christian principles and values. They provide opportunities for personal growth and a deeper appreciation of faith.

What kind of support is available at Christian colleges in Kentucky for students on their spiritual journey?

There are a number of support services offered by Christian colleges in Kentucky that are dedicated to supporting the spiritual well-being of their students, including pastoral counseling, mentorship programs, Bible study groups, and campus ministries. The purpose of these resources is to guide and encourage students during their college years.

Considering that each Christian college in Kentucky has unique offerings and policies, it’s always worthwhile to explore their websites, speak with admissions counselors, and visit campuses in order to gain an accurate understanding of what is available to you.