Christian Colleges in West Virginia

If you like learning about different faiths and beliefs, West Virginia colleges have lots of religion classes to choose from. You’ll learn about ancient myths and diverse faiths around the world. West Virginia is a great place to study religions because people are proud of their roots, so you’ll get that sense of community and connection to the past.

Back to what we’re talking about: Christian colleges. There are lots of Christian colleges in West Virginia, and honestly, the atmosphere is perfect for them. It’s quiet, so you can reflect, and the people around you? All about community, which is right in line with the Christian focus on compassion and unity.

Even so, West Virginia has a unique background – one of determination and community spirit. Christian colleges will show you how faith can make a difference.

List of Christian Colleges in West Virginia

Taking part in Christian beliefs, history, and values is something that students can do in West Virginia’s embrace. Students can delve into biblical texts, look at theological concepts, and think about faith’s ethical dimensions at state colleges and universities.

Specifically, West Virginia has a strong sense of community that reflects Christian teachings on communal values. This communal spirit, coupled with the stunning natural environment, makes West Virginia a great place to study Christianity and religion.

Appalachian Bible College (Mount Hope, West Virginia)

Image of Appalachian Bible College Campus
Image from Appalachian Bible College s official website
Tuition$14,599 –  $28,102
Graduation Rate66%
Acceptance Rate46%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range19 – 26

Admission Requirements

The application process and relevant information for Appalachian Bible College can be found at  

Courses Offered

Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral degrees at Appalachian Bible College are built around developing people who care for God’s church with compassion and wisdom. This program integrates an accredited double major in Bible/Theology and Pastoral studies to nurture students in adopting a Christ-centered approach to the multifaceted roles within pastoral ministry, emphasizing expository preaching.

Unlike contemporary culture, where religious roles are often gilded, this program emphasizes humility and servant leadership, which echoes Christ’s own example. Insights into how to lead a biblically-grounded local church are imparted by the experienced faculty, who have rich pastoral backgrounds.

A requirement of the program is that students do an internship under the mentorship of a local church pastor, adding depth and practical experience. Hands-on experience reflects how Jesus trains his disciples, giving students real-life contexts to learn. You’ll be well-prepared for pastoral roles, like candidacy and ordination, as a graduate.

Resources and Christian Organizations in West Virginia

The number of Christian college students at West Virginia’s colleges and universities is growing. There are a lot of resources and groups for them.

Those who want to be a Christian while doing school can find a safe place at Christian student groups in West Virginia. They give students a place to think, make friends, and help others.

Sigma Phi Lambda: This nondenominational Christian fellowship has two separate organizations – a women’s group, Sisters for the Lord, and a men’s group, “Brothers for the Lord,” or “Sons of the Living God.” College students love both organizations, because they provide a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and community-building. 

The women’s group, Sisters for the Lord, functions as a non-Panhellenic sorority, offering Bible studies, worship services, community service opportunities, and social events to foster sisterhood and spiritual growth. In a similar vein, “Brothers for the Lord” is a fraternity that emphasizes fellowship, Bible study, worship, and service for its men. 

As an organization with chapters in colleges and universities across the country, Sigma Phi Lambda provides a supportive community for young adults seeking to deepen their faith and serve others.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: It’s an evangelical Christian campus ministry organization that runs across colleges and universities across the country. Its core mission is to build vibrant communities among students and faculty members who are disciples of Jesus, seamlessly weaving their faith into their scholarly pursuits and everyday lives.

A big part of InterVarsity’s mission is to encourage global awareness and engage in cross-cultural missions. The organization crafts nurturing spaces where participants can openly exchange beliefs, engage in inquiries, and navigate their spiritual journeys amidst a supportive backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in West Virginia

Why are Christian colleges different from other institutions of higher learning in West Virginia?

Students at a Christian college in West Virginia enjoy a learning experience that combines academic excellence with faith-based values.

Is there a welcoming environment for students of different faiths at Christian colleges in West Virginia?

Colleges in West Virginia are Christian in nature and welcome students from all backgrounds. Through dialogue and exploration of beliefs, these schools celebrate diversity as well as foster understanding and respect among students from different faith traditions.

What extracurricular activities are available at Christian colleges in West Virginia?

Colleges with Christian extracurricular activities in West Virginia cater to a wide range of interests. There are a lot of opportunities for students to participate in campus ministries, student organizations, music ensembles, intramural sports, and community service.

Discuss how Christian colleges in West Virginia engage with the community and promote social justice initiatives.

With service-learning programs, partnerships, and advocacy efforts, students get involved in social issues, foster positive change, and show Christ’s love. They learn that making a difference is their responsibility.