Christian Colleges in Wisconsin

Human history wouldn’t be the same without religion, with its huge tapestry of beliefs, practices, and traditions. Besides dogmas and rituals, it’s about life, purpose, and morality; it’s an in-depth look at existence, purpose, and morality. Christian colleges in Wisconsin recognize that religious studies shape well-rounded individuals who can handle the complexity of our ever-changing world.

Besides religious studies, Christian colleges in Wisconsin foster mind, body, and spirit. It’s a place where students learn and live their faith.

This is a look at Christian higher education in Wisconsin. Each college has its own personality, academic offerings, and campus culture. It’s in these institutions that Christian education in Wisconsin is defined, from rigorous academics to vibrant campus ministries to vibrant student lives to unwavering commitment to service.

List of Christian Colleges in Wisconsin

If you’re a student looking to combine your passion for education with your faith, Wisconsin offers a range of colleges that offer Christian or religion courses. You can get a deeper understanding of Christian principles while pursuing your academic goals at these colleges. Whatever your interest, these institutions offer Christian courses to enrich your education, whether it’s theology, biblical studies, or the intersection of faith and various disciplines. 

Check out these Wisconsin colleges that prioritize both academic excellence and faith-based education.

Maranatha Baptist University (Watertown, Wisconsin)

Image of Maranatha Baptist University’s Campus
Image from Maranatha Baptist University’s official website
Tuition$20,035 –  $30,410
Graduation Rate56%
Acceptance Rate80%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)
Religious AffiliationBaptist
Church AffiliationsFoundations Baptist Fellowship International
ACT Range20 – 26

Admission Requirements

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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies

With the expertise of their experienced Bible faculty, Maranatha’s Pastoral Studies degree provides a comprehensive education in biblical studies and Greek. Through this program, students will gain skills and knowledge about pastoral ministry, including leadership, prayer, church administration, preaching, and counseling. 

The degree also allows for specialization by combining with various minors, preparing students for careers in missions, youth work, camp work, or other pastoral-related fields. Fieldwork and internship opportunities are also provided to enhance practical experience.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Majoring in Biblical Studies is a great fit if you want to work in charities, groups, camps, schools, churches, or other organizations that promote God’s work. 

It’s not just about Bible, Greek, and theology, it’s about a liberal arts foundation as well, including mathematics, science, literature, music, communication, and history, too. With this holistic approach to education, you’ll get a well-rounded understanding and proficiency that goes beyond biblical studies, so you can do ministry and life well.

Concordia University Wisconsin (Mequon, Wisconsin)

Image of Concordia University Wisconsin’s Campus
Image from Concordia University Wisconsin’s official website
Tuition$24,607 –  $48,502
Graduation Rate64%
Acceptance Rate69%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationLutheran
Church AffiliationsLutheran Church—Missouri Synod
ACT Range20 – 26

Admission Requirements

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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Students at the university, affiliated with The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), are provided with a comprehensive understanding of the Christian faith, preparing them for the career they have chosen. In addition to following the Lutheran Confessions, the program emphasizes faith traditions.

Although the curriculum is primarily tailored for people looking to get certification as professional church workers, such as Lutheran school teachers or directors of church ministries (DCM), students with different career interests may also consider the Christian Thought program.

Wisconsin Lutheran College (Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin)

Image of Wisconsin Lutheran College’s Campus
Image from Wisconsin Lutheran College’s official website
Tuition$20,614 –  $47,040
Graduation Rate59%
Acceptance Rate98%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsWisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
ACT Range21 – 28

Admission Requirements

You can find more information about Wisconsin Lutheran College’s acceptance process, requirements, and opportunities on their website,  

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Wisconsin Lutheran College requires that you fill out the Major Declaration Form if you want to declare your major as Theology. The major requires at least 39 credits, with 15 credits earned in residence through 300-level or above courses. To graduate with the Theology major, you have to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00. Check out the college’s Programs of Study section for more details and requirements.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Wisconsin

There are lots of resources on these pages depending on your needs. You can deepen your faith in many ways, from reputable Christian publications to online platforms. Check out these sources if you’re looking for insight into Christian topics.

Aside from that, we’ve highlighted regional Christian organizations in Wisconsin that provide support networks, spiritual training, and more. Our community is vibrant, welcoming, and full of opportunities for involvement.

Chi Alpha: Looking for a vibrant and inclusive community of Christians that will nurture your faith and ignite your spiritual growth? Chi Alpha is the place for you. At Chi Alpha, discipleship is at the center of everything they do. Mentorship enables them to form life groups or “core groups” where students can engage in enriching Bible studies, heartfelt prayer, and thought-provoking discussions.

The thing that really sets Chi Alpha apart is how they embrace diversity. They welcome students from all walks of life, and value the diversity of cultures and beliefs within their community. During this formative phase of your life, Chi Alpha is dedicated to helping you build a solid Christian foundation.

When you become a part of Chi Alpha, you’ll find yourself immersed in a supportive and secure environment that encourages you to explore your faith in depth. You’ll grow spiritually and make lifelong friends here. If you want to learn more about Christianity, connect with people who share your passion, or just grow in your faith, Chi Alpha is the right choice for you.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is about more than just hanging out and having a good time (though that’s also important!). They firmly believe that students are not just the future, but the present of the church, so they focus on equipping students to step up and take leadership roles.

InterVarsity invests in students’ leadership development through its Catalyst program. Through specialized training, mentorship programs, and ministry experiences, they prepare students to make a lasting and tangible impact in their communities.

It’s not just that, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship offers students a huge array of resources to help them grow spiritually. They make sure that students have valuable tools at their disposal, such as inspirational books, thought-provoking devotionals, and even online platforms that have mind-blowing content, so they can better understand the Christian faith and live it out.

Sigma Phi Lambda: Sigma Phi Lambda (ΣΦΛ) is a non-denominational Christian fellowship that offers two distinct groups: “Sisters for the Lord” for women, and “Brothers for the Lord” for men.

“Sisters for the Lord” is a unique sorority. It’s a way for women to grow spiritually, connect with other women, and worship in a heartfelt way. Through Bible study and service initiatives, they gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and make a big difference in their communities.

The brothers in Brothers for the Lord are more like fraternities, emphasizing fellowship, brotherhood, and a shared faith. Through Bible study, worship, and service projects, they build a relationship with God and make a difference in the lives of others.

The Navigators: There is support, resources, and community available at The Navigators no matter what you are going through on campus, whether you’re a student navigating the challenges, a professional seeking to strengthen their faith, or just someone seeking spiritual growth. Besides cultivating authentic relationships, The Navigators are unwaveringly committed to changing lives.

As a result of The Navigators’ programs, mentoring opportunities, and gatherings, thousands of individuals and communities continue to be positively impacted. They have earned a reputation as a trusted resource for spiritual growth because they are committed to discipleship and have a genuine heart for people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Wisconsin

Is it possible to study subjects other than theology or religion at a Christian college in Wisconsin?

Among the many academic programs and majors offered at Christian colleges in Wisconsin are theology and religion. Business, arts, science, education, and more are some of the fields you can study.

To attend a Christian college in Wisconsin, must I be a Christian?

Students from all backgrounds and faith traditions are welcome at Christian colleges in Wisconsin. Despite their Christian ethos and values, they create an inclusive environment where students of all faiths can thrive. A rich and transformative college experience can be had at these colleges, because they foster dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect among students with diverse beliefs.

What are the spiritual growth and development programs at Christian colleges in Wisconsin?

A lot of Christian colleges in Wisconsin make sure you’re growing and developing spiritually. They offer chapel services, prayer groups, Bible studies, and retreats to help you do that. Students can also get involved in meaningful faith-based experiences and cultivate a closer relationship with God by participating in mentoring programs, spiritual guidance, and service and missions opportunities.

Do Christian colleges let me express my own opinions?

It’s not just that Christian colleges encourage open dialogue and critical thinking; they also value intellectual curiosity and give students a safe place to express themselves, even if they don’t agree with traditional Christian beliefs. There’s a respectful environment at these colleges, which makes it easy for students to challenge their own assumptions and engage in thoughtful conversations. 

How about extracurricular activities and student organizations at Christian colleges?

Among the things you can do are clubs, sports teams, music ensembles, theater productions, and community service. Colleges like these believe in holistic education, so they give you chances to develop your talents, interests, and leadership skills outside the classroom.