Christian Colleges in Alabama

During immersive religion classes, students gain an in-depth understanding of the Bible, its wisdom, biblical languages, and the cultural contexts that influenced its interpretation through a transformative journey of understanding.

Nevertheless, Christian colleges in Alabama go beyond academics. In addition to supportive friendships, vibrant worship services, service projects, and a strong network of like-minded peers, these centers foster inclusive communities.

You will find an inviting environment for personal and spiritual growth in Alabama, a place where your beliefs are embraced and celebrated and where Southern charm is woven into the fabric of college life.

List of Christian Colleges in Alabama

The professors on your educational journey are super knowledgeable, and you’ll get to chat with people who share your passion for Christian studies. Through these courses, you’ll learn Christian theology and develop critical thinking skills that will help you grow spiritually and shape your worldview.

Here are some renowned colleges and universities in Alabama that offer Christian or religion courses, encouraging academic excellence while nurturing students’ faith:

Samford University (Homewood, Alabama)

Image of Samford University’s Campus
Image from Samford University’s official website
Graduation Rate76%
Acceptance Rate84%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationsBaptist
Church AffiliationsCooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)
ACT Range23 and 29

Admission Requirements

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Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

If you’re passionate about biblical studies and called to ministry, Samford University has got something special for you! They offer an accelerated program where you can earn your B.A. and M.Div. degrees in just six years instead of the usual seven. It’s a faster track to kickstart your ministry journey.

But that’s not all! If you’re a biblical studies major and interested in business, you can even complete a general business minor and qualify for Samford University’s fifth-year M.B.A. program. It’s a great combo to expand your skills and career options.

And here’s the cherry on top: you can easily combine the biblical studies major with most other majors in the Howard College of Arts and Sciences. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even explore fast-track programs in the Cumberland School of Law or pursue a master’s degree in social work in the School of Public Health. The possibilities are endless!

Birmingham-Southern College (Birmingham, Alabama)

Image of Birmingham-Southern College;'s Campus
Image from Birmingham-Southern College’s official website
Tuition$21,098 – $37,470 
Graduation Rate69%
Acceptance Rate66%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationsUnited Methodist
Church AffiliationsAlabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church
ACT Range22 and 28

Admission Requirements

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Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

At Birmingham-Southern College, you’ll find a comprehensive and formal Bachelor’s degree program in Religion that opens up a captivating world of religious studies. The goal here is to equip students with not only the knowledge but also the analytical skills and theological insights needed to navigate the complexities of religion in our modern world. 

Now, let’s talk about the exciting range of courses offered in this program. Brace yourself for a diverse array of topics, from biblical studies and theology to comparative religion, ethics, philosophy of religion, and the history of religions. 

Students dive into the depths of religious texts, embark on a journey through various religious worldviews, and analyze the social, cultural, and historical contexts that shape religious practices and beliefs.

Faulkner University (Montgomery, Alabama)

Image of Faulkner University’s Campus
Image from Faulkner University’s official website
Tuition$20,371 – $37,590.
Graduation Rate80%
Acceptance Rate65%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationsChristian
Church AffiliationsChurches of Christ
ACT Range16-22

Admission Requirements

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Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

If you have a strong passion for exploring the teachings of the Bible, Faulkner University is the perfect place for you! Their educational experience is deeply rooted in the Bible. Allowing you to study with the Good Book as your ultimate guide. 

At Faulkner University. They hold a deep respect for and believe in the power of the Bible. They see it as inspired and authoritative. Providing everything necessary for a meaningful life. 

The university aims to train students to become Christian superheroes who make a difference both inside and outside of the classroom. Their ultimate goal is to equip you to serve as a shining example of Christian dedication to the world. 

Now. let’s discuss the graduation requirements. To earn your degree there are specific criteria that must be met my friend. Firstly. You must be admitted to the college and demonstrate solid progress for at least two semesters by completing around 30 semester hours. Additionally. You must excel in all your Bible classes with a minimum GPA of 2.50. No slacking off allowed!

University of Mobile (Mobile, Alabama)

Image of University of Mobile’s official Campus
Image from University of Mobile’s official website
Graduation Rate56%
Acceptance Rate64%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationsBaptist
Church AffiliationsSouthern Baptist Convention
ACT Range19 and 25

Admission Requirements

For more information on undergraduate admissions at the University of Mobile, please visit their official website at

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies program at our institution is committed to providing students with an extensive and rigorous academic journey. Rooted in unwavering trustworthiness towards the Bible. 

In order to successfully complete the program and earn a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies students must meet specific requirements. These requirements stipulate the completion of a minimum of 123 semester hours ensuring that students receive a comprehensive educational experience. Within the program students will engage in a wide range of coursework encompassing various subjects. The curriculum includes 28 semester hours of University Core courses, which lay the foundation for a well rounded education across diverse disciplines. 

Moreover, Students are required to complete 18 semester hours of General Education electives allowing them to explore subjects according to their individual interests and expand their intellectual horizons.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Georgia

We understand that no matter where one may be along their college journey – whether they’ve just embarked as a freshman or they’ve reached senior status – there remains the need for guidance and motivation in seamlessly incorporating ones’ faith into their collegiate experience. 

In order to facilitate this process effectively we proudly provide an extensive range of resources and organizations that will illuminate your path nurture your faith and connect you with a dynamic community of like minded individuals who share the common goal of successfully merging their faith and education.

Chi Alpha: If you’re a college student seeking a vibrant, inclusive, and faith filled community. Chi Alpha is the ideal place for you. It offers the chance to explore your faith deeply. 

Let Chi Alpha be your companion on an extraordinary journey of faith and friendship throughout your college years. Chi Alpha places great importance on discipleship. Focusing on guiding students to actively participate in mentorship programs and join small group gatherings known as “Life Groups” or “Core Groups.” These intimate settings provide a secure and supportive environment where students can engage in Bible studies, heartfelt prayer and thought provoking discussions that foster both nurture and growth for their spiritual beliefs.

The Navigators: No doubt about it – when it comes to making a genuine impact on the lives of college students through Christian organizations – none compare to The Navigators’ discernible presence. 

Their exclusive mission revolves around assisting Christian collegiate individuals in achieving spiritual growth and embracing a bold embodiment of faith during their campus years. Here, you will discover unwavering support and consistent challenges as you forge ahead in your personal walk with Christ. 

Notably, the true strength of this organization lies in a compassionate network consisting of fellow believers who willingly accompany you on your journey – nurturing your spiritual maturity while enabling optimal success within your relationship with Christ. 

Sigma Phi Lambda: For women seeking an exceptional sorority experience beyond the confines of traditional Panhellenic institutions, “Sisters for the Lord” represents an excellent choice worth considering. 

Alternatively available to men seeking similar means of personal development is “Brothers for the Lord,” an equally beneficial fraternity prioritizing fellowship alongside deepening biblical understanding. 

Uniting as Sigma Phi Lambda’s “Sisters for the Lord” and “Brothers for the Lord,” these organizations collectively forge a much-needed inclusive and supportive Christian fellowship. Their driving force resides within actively supporting and nurturing individual spiritual growth, fostering significant relationships, and consistently making positive differences through acts of service. If one desires to belong to such a community where their faith can be genuinely explored while concurrently leaving lasting impressions, Sigma Phi Lambda undoubtedly represents an ideal destination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Alabama

Are secular subjects offered at Christian colleges in Alabama in addition to religious courses? 

In Alabama, Christian colleges are aware of the importance of a comprehensive education. While religious studies may be the main focus, secular courses are offered as well. 

Can I grow spiritually and participate in religious activities on campus?

There are many religious activities on campus at Christian colleges in Alabama that emphasize spiritual growth. In addition to chapels, worship services, Bible studies, prayer groups, and spiritual retreats, students are able to connect with like-minded peers, deepen their faith, and engage in meaningful discussions. Throughout your college career, these activities aim to support your spiritual journey.

If I attend a Christian college, will I be exposed to a variety of perspectives?

Although these institutions are rooted in Christian values, they promote open dialogue, critical thinking, and respectful exploration of diverse ideas that are based on Christian values.

What are the ways in which Christian values are integrated into the academic curriculum?

It’s fun to study at Christian colleges in Alabama because they integrate Christian values into their academics. In addition to religious studies, some courses incorporate moral frameworks, ethics, and principles. Through this holistic approach, students learn how to apply their faith to what they’re studying, ensuring that Christian values are woven into the fabric of their education.

Do Christian colleges in Alabama require me to participate in religious activities?

It’s usually a voluntary thing to participate in religious activities, like chapel services or prayer groups. The Christian college values students’ freedom to explore their faith and hold diverse perspectives. You’ll get to deepen your own beliefs while being respected for your own journey. Our goal is to foster an environment of spiritual growth, not force specific beliefs.