Christian Colleges in Arkansas

Having such scenic beauty and rich historical heritage, Arkansas is a great place to learn about Christianity. There are several Christian colleges in the state that foster vibrant faith-based communities.

We’ll put together a list of Arkansas Christian colleges, resources, and organizations so you can maximize your learning experience when you wish to pursue your education in Arkansas.

List of Christian Colleges in Arkansas

Learn about Christian colleges in Arkansas that offer courses related to Christian studies and religion while pursuing your higher education. Use this guide to find out more about Christian colleges in Arkansas. 

Ouachita Baptist University (Arkadelphia, Arkansas)

Image of Ouachita Baptist University’s Campus
Image from Ouachita Baptist University’s official website
Tuition$20,847 –  $43,950
Graduation Rate63%
Acceptance Rate74%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationNon-Denominational Christian
Church AffiliationsSouthern Baptist Convention
ACT Range21 – 28

Admission Requirements

Interested in higher education? Check out the website of Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) at, where you can learn about admissions, academic programs, and campus life.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies

You might want to consider Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) if you feel God calling you to minister or serve Him. In the Christian studies program at OBU, students get an education that lays out a solid biblical foundation and prepares them to serve in the church. 

There are four distinct emphases within this program: Bible studies, theology, Christian ministry, missions, and philosophy. You can pick the emphasis that matches your interests and future career goals with this flexible degree structure.

Harding University (Searcy, Arkansas)

Image of Albertus Magnus College ’s Campus
Image from Albertus Magnus College ’s official website
Tuition$26,929 –  $46,584
Graduation Rate68%
Acceptance Rate54%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsChurches of Christ
ACT Range20 – 28

Admission Requirements

To begin your application for Harding University, you can visit the following website: This link will direct you to the application page, where you can begin the application process.

Courses Offered

Certificate in Christian Ministry

A certificate program offered by Harding University’s College of Bible and Ministry offers continuing education opportunities in biblical and ministry studies to non-traditional, non-residential students. As part of these programs, the College of Bible and Ministry offers a Certificate of Completion in Christian Ministry, which recognizes the completion of 26 credit hours of coursework with a particular focus on ministry.

Despite offering a variety of certificate programs, the College of Bible and Ministry only allows students to earn one certificate. The academic integrity policy of Harding University and the Code of Conduct are also expected of students enrolled in the certificate program. Certificates of completion will not be awarded to students whose lifestyle or behavior do not reflect the university’s values and principles.

Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Family Ministry

Harding University requires students to complete 36 hours of Liberal Arts coursework in order to major in Bible and Family Ministry (BFAM). There are 47 credit hours required to complete this program, which is a standard requirement for all majors at Harding. The BFAM major fulfills specific Liberal Arts requirements, including 8 hours of Scripture, Truth, and Ethics.

Additionally to the Liberal Arts program, the Bible and Ministry Core program requires 60 hours of study. The curriculum at College of Bible & Ministry is shared between all degree programs, so students can pursue a variety of ministries from there. Some majors have unique requirements, such as Bible and Divinity, Theological Studies, and Missions as a Second Major.

If you’re a BFAM major, you can take courses like BMIS 3000 or BMIS 3080 to fulfill your Self and Society requirements. Additionally, students should take MATH 1200, which fulfills 3 hours of Inquiry, Investigation, and Reasoning.

Central Baptist College (Conway, Arkansas)

Image of Central Baptist College’s Campus
Image from Central Baptist College’s official website
Tuition$23,545 –  $28,866
Graduation Rate50%
Acceptance Rate62%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range18 – 23

Admission Requirements

Learn more about Central Baptist College admissions at   

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Bibie

You can get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Bible and Missions at Central Baptist College. It’s possible to minor in pastoral studies, religious education, youth ministry, or missions, either by minoring within the department or by minoring in an institutional program.

To achieve this mission, the Bible Department focuses on in-depth study of the biblical text, historical context, and interpretation principles. As students, you’ll learn to lead congregations in worship, witness, mission, Christian education, and service. 

Also, the Bible Department promotes a holistic approach to learning that combines intellectual growth with spiritual growth. By integrating biblical teachings with other disciplines, students can think critically from a Christian perspective while dealing with technical, ideological, and scientific assumptions.

Williams Baptist University (Walnut Ridge, Arkansas)

Image from Williams Baptist University’s official website
Tuition$15,664 –  $31,390
Graduation Rate39%
Acceptance Rate64%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range19 – 24

Admission Requirements

Applicants for Holy Apostles College and Seminary should visit their official website at  for detailed information on the admissions process. 

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries (Biblical & Theological Studies) 

Through the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to pastoral roles and other related vocations, this 120-credit program prepares students for pastoral roles and other related vocations.

There are a lot of careers that you can explore with this degree, including teaching pastors, church staff ministers, Christian schoolteachers, missionaries, and early preparation for biblical studies instructors in college. Besides writing, ethicists, and apologists, graduates of this program can also pursue a career as a Christian writer. No matter what students do, this degree provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for a lifetime of studying, teaching, and sharing Christianity.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries (Discipleship Studies) 

During the Bachelor’s of Arts in Christian Ministries: Discipleship Studies program at Williams Baptist University, students learn how to apply the Great Commission and the Great Commandment to discipleship ministries in the local church by applying those principles. Through this program, students learn fundamental skills in church organization, preaching, and teaching that they can apply to different stages in life as they grow. 

An integrated curriculum prepares students for a fulfilling and impactful ministry journey. Students get a well-rounded education to serve effectively in discipleship ministries with 120 credit hours in this program.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Arkansas

Interested in discovering the various resources and Christian organizations available to you in Arkansas? We have compiled a comprehensive guide intended to connect you with a wealth of helpful options.

We have compiled a wide range of resources specifically for students attending Christian colleges in Arkansas. Our extensive collection of outlets, ranging from enlightening Christian literature to academic journals, convenient online platforms, well-stocked libraries, and prestigious research centers, offers profound insights into Christianity and religion.

Council for Christian Colleges & Universities:  A network of colleges and universities dedicated to Christ-centered education, the CCCU strives to be an academic leader and a Christian faith integrator.

Collaboration, support, and resources are all available to CCCU members. Through conferences, workshops, and professional development, the CCCU builds a vibrant community of educators and administrators dedicated to Christ-centered higher education. It’s great to be surrounded by teachers, scholars, and students who are constantly exchanging ideas, trying out new things, and trying out new things.

It’s a leading advocate of Christian higher education, and it tells policymakers, cultural influencers, and the wider world about its value and impact. As the CCCU says, religious freedoms, academic freedom, and Christian universities’ right to operate in a way that aligns with their missions and values should be preserved.

LifeWay: Providing books, study guides, devotionals, and curriculum, Lifeway is a ministry dedicated to empowering students to improve their academic performance and their relationships with God.

Developing a comprehensive understanding of faith and learning is possible through Lifeway’s materials, which seamlessly integrate faith into academics, personal lives, and relationships. Lifeway tailors our resources to meet the needs of college students because they understand the challenges they face.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Through a variety of programs, events, and resources, InterVarsity helps students grow spiritually, engage in meaningful discussions, and learn about the Christian faith. Students at InterVarsity can integrate their faith seamlessly into their academic pursuits, relationships, and broader spheres of influence thanks to worship gatherings, Bible studies, prayer gatherings, and service opportunities

The experience of taking part in small groups, conferences, and retreats can help you strengthen your relationships with God, get better at the Bible, and become a better leader. InterVarsity fosters a supportive community in which students can question, explore, and grow as a spiritual catalyst.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Arkansas

Compared to other colleges, how are Christian colleges in Arkansas different?

To help students grow spiritually and intellectually, the colleges weave Christian values and teachings into the curriculum and campus life. You’ll get a personal touch from faculty, and you’ll get an education that builds character and prepares you to do good.

Are there any rules on service and mission work at Christian colleges in Arkansas?

Most Christian colleges in Arkansas have service and mission programs, from local community service to volunteer work to international missions. Service and mission work teaches empathy, applies faith, and helps others.

Do Christian colleges in Arkansas do anything to promote an inclusive, supportive environment?

Despite being based on Christian principles, it promotes respect, understanding, and acceptance for students of all backgrounds. We encourage students to learn from one another, share their own perspectives, and get a better idea of different faiths.

Are there Christian colleges in Arkansas where students can explore their faith intellectually?

It is common for faculty at a Christian college in Arkansas to encourage students to integrate their faith into their academic work, which cultivates critical thinking. They value intellectual exploration and give students the opportunity to research. Among the topics they may study are Christian ethics, theology, and spirituality. They can complete scholarly studies, independent studies, and research projects.