Christian Colleges In Virginia

Are you looking for an education that combines academic excellence with a strong Christian foundation? Virginia’s Christian colleges are among the best in the nation, enabling students to grow in their faith while pursuing their academic and career goals. 

There are many Christian colleges in Virginia, ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large universities. All of them share a commitment to Christian values. Virginia’s Christian colleges have something for everyone, whether you’re trying to deepen your faith, learn new skills, or prepare for a fulfilling career. Find out why these schools might be the perfect fit and what makes them so special.

List of Christian Colleges in Virginia

Your search ends here if you’re looking for higher education in Virginia while remaining true to your Christian faith. We have carefully curated a comprehensive list of Christian colleges in Virginia that offer a fulfilling college experience seamlessly blending academic excellence with spiritual development.

In this list, you will find institutions that offer a variety of programs and create unique opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Regent University (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Image of Regent University’s Campus
Image from Regent University’s official website
Tuition$17,120-  $29,832
Graduation Rate29%
Acceptance Rate41%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) 
Religious AffiliationInterdenominational Evangelical Christian
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range23 – 29

Admission Requirements

Those looking for admissions and financial aid information can visit Regent University’s official website at

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

It’s easy to get a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Ministry at Regent University if you’re passionate about serving others. It prepares students for ministry, teaching them faith, leadership, and knowledge. Graduates have a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies, so they’re ready for their unique calling.

With a total credit requirement of 120+, the B.A. in Christian Ministry commences next August 21, 2023, and is available both on campus and online. It examines the Old and New Testaments in light of their historical and cultural contexts, the ministry of Christ through the gospels, and how to share your faith effectively.

Students in Virginia Beach get mentorship from Regent faculty, who hold the highest degrees in their fields. Moreover, Regent University offers a variety of scholarships, including academic merit scholarships and honors college scholarships, so that students can afford to go to school.

Roanoke College (Salem, Virginia)

Image of Roanoke College’s Campus
Image from Roanoke College’s official website
Tuition$27,541 –  $66,570
Graduation Rate70%
Acceptance Rate80%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) 
Religious AffiliationCatholic
Church AffiliationsEvangelical Lutheran Church
ACT Range22 – 28

Admission Requirements

If you are interested in learning more about admissions at Roanoke College, please visit its official website at

Courses Offered

Bachelor’s Degree in Theology

Taking students through a comprehensive exploration of Christian beliefs from ancient times to modern times, Roanoke College’s Theology program emphasizes how Christianity intersects with religion, politics, and culture. You’re going to explore theological questions central to Christian tradition, like God’s nature, Jesus’ significance, humanity, and what’s the ideal life.

A number of graduates from this program have pursued advanced studies at prestigious institutions such as Princeton Seminary, Luther Seminary, Duke Divinity School, and Vanderbilt University Divinity School. It is important for those interested in ministry to understand how Christianity interacts with the contemporary world, as well as for those seeking careers in public policy, foreign service, counseling, and media. With on-campus language studies in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, German, and French, students are able to analyze original Christian writings and interpret the works of major theologians.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Virginia

With its rich cultural heritage and vibrant communities, Virginia is home to many valuable resources and Christian organizations committed to serving and uplifting individuals and communities as well as the surrounding community. Our goal is to compile a diverse range of resources and organizations that are dedicated to the spiritual growth, social welfare, and overall well-being of the people of Virginia in this compilation. 

Cru: Cru, an organization that focuses on college students, contributes significantly to students’ lives through captivating Bible studies and impactful resources. Using thought-provoking discipleship materials, Cru promotes spiritual growth and strengthens relationships with God by providing students with engaging devotionals. Through these, they ignite passion and devotion to the Scriptures.

However, Cru’s influence extends beyond individual development. The organization is dedicated to empowering students to make a lasting impact on their college campuses and communities. Cru gives Christian students a wide range of resources that allow them to engage with their peers effectively and demonstrate the love of Christ in practical and tangible ways.

As a result of Cru’s initiatives, students grow personally, strengthen their faith, and learn how to communicate and lead. Students are encouraged to participate in service projects, evangelism, and other initiatives that promote positive change in their immediate surroundings because of the organization’s emphasis on community and outreach.

LifeWay: Dedicated to equipping students, Lifeway helps young people deepen their relationships with God and get the best out of their academic careers. With books, study guides, devotionals, and curriculum, Lifeway offers a lot of great content that students can use as guiding lights. 

With Lifeway’s materials, students learn how to integrate faith into their academics, their lives, and their relationships, promoting a holistic approach. Providing relevant and impactful resources tailored to college students’ needs is what Lifeway strives to do. 

Their materials offer biblical wisdom, practical insights, and thoughtful perspectives that address the specific issues and questions that students face. From navigating relationships and making ethical decisions to deepening biblical understanding and developing a personal walk with God, Lifeway resources help students thrive spiritually as they go through school.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: It’s a Christian campus ministry that adheres to traditional Christian values and beliefs. InterVarsity fosters an inclusive, welcoming environment that stays rooted in biblical principles. As a ministry, InterVarsity challenges and inspires students to make a difference on campuses and beyond by living out their faith in practical ways.

Through a variety of programs, events, and resources, InterVarsity encourages students to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith, engage in meaningful discussions, and develop their spiritual lives. InterVarsity supports students in balancing their faith with their academic pursuits, relationships, and broader spheres of influence by providing opportunities for worship, Bible study, prayer, and service.

Besides discipleship, InterVarsity is really into leadership development. They train, mentor, and provide resources so students can be Christ-centered leaders on campus and in the future. It’s great to grow in your relationship with God, deepen your biblical knowledge, and develop leadership skills with small groups, conferences, and retreats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Virginia

Do Christian colleges in Virginia only accept Christian students?

Despite having a Christian foundation and incorporating faith-based values into their curriculum, Virginia Christian colleges welcome students of all faiths.

What kind of scholarship opportunities are available to students at Christian colleges and universities in Louisiana?

There are many Christian colleges in Virginia who offer scholarship opportunities, and the eligibility criteria often depend on factors like academic achievement, leadership skills, community involvement, or the field of study in which one is interested. For detailed information on available scholarships, it is best to contact the financial aid office of the particular college where you are interested in attending for more information.

Can I transfer my credits from another college to a Christian college in Virginia if I already have credits from another college?

It is important to note that transfer policies vary from college to college, but a number of Christian colleges in Virginia accept credits from regionally accredited institutions as well. In order to obtain more specific information about the transfer of credit to your intended college, you would be wise to contact the college’s admissions or registrar’s offices.

Are there any religious activities or chapel services offered on campus by Christian colleges in Louisiana?

There is no doubt that most of the Christian colleges in Virginia offer chapel services and a wide range of religious activities, which can include regular worship services, Bible studies, prayer groups, and other spiritual activities.

What are the chances of me being able to pursue a secular degree at a Christian college in Louisiana?

Both secular and Christian-focused degree programs are offered by Christian colleges in Virginia. Students are able to choose from a wide variety of majors and disciplines, regardless of their religious beliefs, ensuring that they receive a comprehensive education that meets their unique career goals and interests.