Christian Colleges in Kansas

A number of factors combine to make Kansas a truly exceptional destination for aspiring scholars of faith, making it the perfect place to study Christianity. Kansas, a state deeply rooted in Christian heritage, provides an authentic setting for theological exploration. The picturesque landscapes and tranquil surroundings create a sense of peace and reflection, providing a perfect setting for spiritual exploration.

Our goal is to provide you with a sense of what it means to receive Christian education in Kansas, where academic pursuits and spiritual growth come together in an unparalleled way. So join us as we embark on this enlightening exploration, uncovering all the treasures that await within the realm of Christian colleges in the Sunflower State.

List of Christian Colleges in Kansas

Christian beliefs, practices, and traditions are explored in depth with these courses, from biblical studies to theological doctrines. Several colleges and institutions have created an environment where students can learn about Christianity, explore their faith, and take transformative religious courses. 

Detailed course descriptions tell you about the unique insights, topics, and experiences you’ll have. This guide will help you navigate the list of Christian colleges available in Kansas, whether you’re a prospective student, a current student, or just curious.

Barclay College (Haviland, Kansas)

Image of Barclay College’s Campus
Image from Barclay College’s official website
Tuition$23,840 –  $38,490
Graduation Rate49%
Acceptance Rate54%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationsEvangelical Christian 
Church AffiliationsFriends Church
ACT Range15-27

Admission Requirements

You can learn more about the admissions process and requirements for Barclay College by visiting ““.  

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

As part of the program, you can select from a variety of ministry electives, allowing you to pursue your vocational ministry interests in conjunction with your advisor. Graduate studies can also be pursued with this degree. And, in order to earn a Theological Studies degree at Barclay College, you must attain a minimum 2.5 GPA, with no more than one D grade allowed. 

Therefore, Barclay College offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at helping you learn more about the Bible, theology, and religion in general.

Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry

You will gain valuable knowledge and skills as you study Youth Ministry, a field where you can reach adolescents at a crucial point in their lives, when opportunities for evangelism and discipleship are plentiful.

For this program, you must earn a minimum 2.5 GPA and a maximum of one D grade. It consists of 29 credit hours and covers a wide range of topics to help you guide young people spiritually.

Benedictine College (Atchison, Kansas)

Image of Benedictine College’s Campus
Image from Benedictine College’s official website
Tuition$26,321 – $51,080
Graduation Rate64%
Acceptance Rate98%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationsRoman Catholic
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range22 – 30

Admission Requirements

The following link provides information about admission to Benedictine College: “

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Benedictine College’s Theology Program aims to teach Catholic theology according to Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church. Ex corde ecclesiae (20) states that the program seeks to provide students with an understanding of Gospel principles that enhance human dignity and enrich the meaning of life.

As a result, the program recognizes both its ethical responsibility to the Church and the wider community. While fostering ecumenical awareness and a commitment to social justice, it also prepares its majors for a variety of careers, including teaching, parish work, youth ministry, and graduate studies.

Students majoring in the program are prepared for careers in teaching, parish work, youth ministry, and advanced studies as well as ecumenical awareness.

Central Christian College of Kansas (McPherson, Kansas)

Image of Central Christian College of Kansas’ Campus
Image from Central Christian College of Kansas’ official website
Tuition$16,060 – $24,680
Graduation Rate46%
Acceptance RateN/A
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationsEvangelical Christian
Church AffiliationsFree Methodist Church
ACT Range14 – 20

Admission Requirements

You can get a detailed look at Central Christian College’s application process at the following link: ““.  

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

As a major in Pastoral Ministry, students will be prepared to lead effectively in church ministry by providing them with knowledge and skills they need. With a strong emphasis on biblical and theological studies, the program combines practical ministry skills with a comprehensive curriculum.

Several important components make up the program. The foundational courses, comprising 10 credit hours, provide students with the essential building blocks for a ministry education. A well-rounded education is ensured by a combined total of 27 credit hours in Liberal Arts. Students can use their knowledge and skills in real-world ministry settings through the Capstone Experiences, which are worth five credit hours. Furthermore, the Ministry Core courses, which total 43 credits, provide students with specialized knowledge and competencies relevant to pastoral ministry.

The duration of a Bachelor’s program varies depending on the number of credits taken each semester, although the standard four-year completion time is typically four years.

Friends University (Wichita, Kansas)

Image of Friends University’s Campus
Image from Friends University’s official website
Tuition$19,905 – $45,053
Graduation Rate52%
Acceptance Rate58%
AccreditationsHigher Learning Commission (HLC)
Religious AffiliationsNon-denominational Christian
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range18 – 23

Admission Requirements

Interested students should visit for more information about admissions to Friends University, including the Bachelor’s program.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Formation and Ministry

An undergraduate degree in Christian Formation and Ministry covers a broad range of religious and philosophical topics. Among the areas offered are Bible, Theology, Church History, Spiritual Formation, and Philosophy, which provide foundational preparation. 

With 45 credit hours required for the major and 124 credit hours required for the degree, students are able to engage with faculty and peers in upper-level courses. This comprehensive curriculum, combined with General Education requirements, prepares students for ministry involvement and graduate school.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Kansas

A number of organizations, programs, and initiatives exist on Kansas’ campuses to cater to Christian students and promote faith-based discussions, community service, and personal growth. 

Listed below are Christian organizations and resources at Kansas’ colleges and universities:

Christian Campus Fellowship: As a student-led organization, Christian Campus Fellowship has a mission that is both simple and powerful: to create a supportive community for Christian college students throughout the country. As they walk alongside students every step of the way, they recognize the challenges and opportunities that come with college life.

During worship services, Bible studies, and social events, they nurture a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere where students can grow spiritually, find encouragement, and make lifelong friends. In this community, students can really thrive and see how faith transforms them

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Also known as InterVarsity, InterVarsity is a Christian campus ministry that serves college and university campuses across the nation. We’re trying to build witnessing communities of students and faculty that follow Jesus, integrating their faith into their academic pursuits and daily lives.

Besides faith, InterVarsity emphasizes global engagement and cross-cultural missions. It encourages unity among students from diverse backgrounds and denominations by providing a supportive environment for sharing beliefs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Kansas

Does a Christian college offer spiritual support to its students?

Among the resources and activities offered by Christian colleges in Kansas are chapel services or worship services, Bible study groups, prayer gatherings, and service and mission trips, all of which are part of their commitment to spiritual growth. Besides mentoring and guiding students, faculty and staff help them navigate their academic pursuits as well as their faith.

Can I get involved in campus ministries or Christian organizations?

Throughout Kansas, students can be involved in Christian groups, student-led ministries, and service-oriented initiatives that encourage faith growth, fellowship, and community service.

Other than theology and religious studies, what other majors do Christian colleges offer?

There are many majors to choose from, including theology and religious studies. These colleges aim to provide students with a well-rounded education that incorporates faith into their studies.

Exactly how do Christian colleges in Kansas foster belonging and community?

Small class sizes, mentorships, residential communities, and extracurricular activities are common. A sense of belonging and community engagement is also promoted by campus events, spiritual retreats, and service projects.

Are Christian colleges in Kansas able to prepare their students for career and graduate school?

With career services, internships, and networking opportunities, students at Christian colleges in Kansas can explore their career interests and connect with potential employers.