Christian Colleges in Florida

There are many colleges and universities in Florida that offer exceptional religious studies programs. Now, let’s take a look at Christian colleges in Florida. These institutions provide more than simply religious studies programs; they provide a unique learning environment where faith and learning intersect. You can develop the skills necessary for impactful ministry or service by immersing yourself in a Christian college.

Following in this guide, we will highlight a number of exceptional Christian colleges in Florida, highlighting their unique programs, campus life, and opportunities for spiritual development and community involvement. Discover the institution that aligns with your academic and spiritual goals by exploring all of them.

List of Christian Colleges in Florida

During their time at university or college, students are supported to explore their faith in a supportive environment. Florida has a lot of Christian colleges, here are some that you can check out:

Johnson University Florida (Kissimmee, Florida)

Image of Johnson University Florida’s Campus
Image from Johnson University Florida’s official website
Tuition$18,041 –  $30,266
Graduation Rate31%
Acceptance Rate42%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsIndependent Christian Church
ACT Range19 – 23

Admission Requirements

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Courses Offered

Bachelor’s Degree in Theology

Among the things Johnson University offers is the four-year Bachelor of Theology program, which goes beyond the standard Bible and Theology Major. With this program, you’ll get extensive Bible and Theology instruction, as well as training in communicating biblical truths effectively. With this program, you’ll have a strong foundation in Biblical and Theological Studies, which opens the door to jobs or master’s degrees.

For students pursuing a four-year degree at Johnson University, they earn a double major. This includes a Bible and Theology major, along with another major of their choice. 

Trinity College of Florida (Trinity, Florida)

Image of Trinity College of Florida’s Campus
Image from Trinity College of Florida’s official website
Tuition$17,497 –  $27,750
Graduation Rate64%
Acceptance Rate47%
AccreditationsAssociation for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)
Religious AffiliationEvangelical Christian
Church AffiliationsInterdenominational Christian Church
ACT Range15–27

Admission Requirements

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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts Theology Major

Trinity College of Florida has a Bachelor of Arts Theology Major that gives students a deep understanding of theology and scripture. For those interested in theology or biblical studies, this program is geared towards preparing them for graduate school or a career in theology. It’s led by Dr. Stuart E. Parsons.

You’ll need 123 credits to graduate from the Theology program. That’s 39 credits in General Studies, 45 credits in Bible courses, and 39 credits in specialized major courses.

Bachelor of Arts Ministry Major

With the Bachelor of Arts Ministry Major at Trinity College of Florida, students get a special focus on Youth Ministry, preparing them for ministry with kids. Getting students the academic and professional foundation needed to be a good minister is the goal of this program under the leadership of Department Chair Dr. Joseph Allotta.

As students go through the program, they’ll try and achieve specific outcomes and goals. They’ll learn how to communicate and teach biblical principles to youth effectively, and they’ll develop a professional readiness to deliver comprehensive Bible knowledge. The second benefit is that students’ work will be grounded in a solid Christian worldview that informs their approach to life and ministry. Last but not least, students gain knowledge and skills related to their area of concentration, gaining practical experience in youth ministry.

Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida)

Image of Southeastern University’s Campus
Image from Southeastern University’s official website
Tuition$27,891 –  $44,814
Graduation Rate39%
Acceptance Rate45%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationChristian
Church AffiliationsN/A
ACT Range20 – 26

Admission Requirements

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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies

Several ministry contexts are prepared by the BA in Multidisciplinary Studies offered by Barnett College of Ministry & Theology at Southeastern University, including local churches, non-profit organizations, and secular settings. Students will receive a theological and biblical education that supports their interests in other career areas along with a core focus on Bible, theology, and ministry. 

A second major or two minors can also be selected by students who wish to explore other disciplines. Students can choose from a variety of popular second majors, including business, communication, English, and psychology. The program is delivered in person, and students have the flexibility to choose from them. 

It is expected that students will receive a theoretical foundation and hands-on application from professors with real-world experience in diverse fields. In addition to being well-prepared to respond to ministry, academia, or professional career calls, students will also be well prepared to engage in various activities after graduation.

Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Image of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Campus
Image from Palm Beach Atlantic University’s official website
Tuition$27,597 –  $53,668
Graduation Rate56%
Acceptance Rate90%
AccreditationsSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Religious AffiliationNazarene
Church AffiliationsChurch of the Nazarene
ACT Range20 – 26

Admission Requirements

A detailed explanation of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s application process, requirements, and deadlines can be found on their official admissions website at  

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership Studies: Concentration in Pastoral Ministries

With this major, you’ll get training in leadership, organization, and skills essential to developing, nurturing, and caring for people. As part of this program, students learn how to lead effectively and practically, rooted in ethical and biblical principles. They’ll be ready to navigate the variety of ministry opportunities available today.

In the Ministry major with a Pastoral Ministry concentration, students learn the skills they need to thrive in ministry, with an emphasis on leadership skills, organizational skills, and skills that foster the development, nurturing, and caring of others. Internships and ministry involvement in local churches, parachurch ministries, and non-profits are available to students throughout their studies. After graduation, students often get full-time ministry jobs, allowing them to put their knowledge and skills to work in real-world ministry situations.

Moreover, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Ministry program with a Pastoral Ministries concentration seamlessly integrates with its 3+2 Accelerated Ministry Program. Students can get both a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and a Master of Divinity in just five years, which provides comprehensive theological training and helps them get ready for ministry.

Bachelors of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies 

Taking a Biblical and Theological Studies major at Palm Beach Atlantic University gives students a comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Biblical text in this program, and you will learn how to interpret it faithfully and effectively communicate its messages. 

During your theological studies, you’ll learn what it means to live as a Christian in today’s society and how to address significant questions related to the Christian faith. In this major, you’ll learn about the Bible and Christian theology, so you’ll be able to lead and teach others as a Christian.

Christian education is an integral part of the academic experience. Palm Beach Atlantic University offers several degrees in Christian studies, including a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry with a Pastoral Ministry concentration, a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, and a 3+2 Accelerated Ministry Program. Additionally, there are also many Christian colleges in Indiana that offer great opportunities to study and grow in a faith-filled environment.

Resources and Christian Organizations in Florida

There are a lot of Christian groups in Florida, so you can grow spiritually, find like-minded people, and enrich yourself and others. You’ll get access to a lot of great resources in this compilation to enhance your spiritual journey, inspire you, and offer guidance in your Christian walk. 

You can find a wealth of resources and organizations in Florida, whether you’re looking for educational materials, serving others, or looking for a supportive Christian community.

Lifeway: Known mostly as Lifeway, it’s a Christian publishing and retail company that provides resources and materials to encourage and equip people with their spiritual journeys. Since it’s founded a few decades ago, Lifeway has become a trusted name in the Christian community, offering a variety of products and services that help you grow in your faith and learn more about God’s Word.

Christian literature is one of Lifeway’s main focuses, including books, Bible studies, devotionals, and curriculum. Lifeway operates Christian retail stores in the United States, offering Christian books, Bibles, music, gifts, and church supplies, along with publishing. Their stores serve as community hubs where people can browse through faith-based resources and get personalized recommendations from knowledgeable staff.

Chi Alpha: As an international organization operating primarily in the United States, Chi Alpha establishes chapters on college and university campuses. The organization strives to create vibrant, inclusive communities where students can explore and deepen their faith while building meaningful relationships with peers.

There is a strong emphasis on discipleship, mentorship, and small group gatherings, such as “Life Groups” or “Core Groups,” where students have the opportunity to study the Bible, pray, discuss, and engage in other spiritual activities in a safe environment.

Taking into account a wide range of cultures and beliefs, Chi Alpha welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. During this formative period of one’s life, it strives to assist students in developing a solid Christian foundation, believing that college is an important time to shape values and beliefs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Florida

What are the differences between Christian colleges and universities in Florida?

Unlike secular universities and colleges, Christian colleges in Florida emphasize integrating faith with learning, and may require students to participate in religious activities or take courses related to Christian values and beliefs. It is still possible for them to offer a wide range of academic programs and resources similar to those at secular universities.

Do Christian colleges in Florida charge a lot of money to attend?

Depending on the institution and the program of study, Christian colleges in Florida can cost several thousand dollars per year to over $40,000.

Can students who want to attend a Christian college in Florida apply for scholarships?

There are scholarships available to students who want to attend Christian colleges in Florida. These scholarships are based on academic merit, financial need, or other factors.

What opportunities are there for students on campus to engage in Christian activities and ministries?

As a matter of fact, most Christian colleges in Florida offer students a variety of opportunities to participate in Christian activities and ministries on campus, such as chapel services, Bible studies, community service projects, and mission trips, among other activities.

Is it possible to prepare students for their future careers through Christian colleges in Florida?

It is important to remember that Christian colleges in Florida provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen field of study, as well as a Christian worldview that emphasizes ethics, integrity, and service as part of their preparation for their future careers. For students to be able to achieve their career goals, many colleges offer career development services such as internships, job fairs, and networking opportunities.