Christian Colleges in Louisiana

Looking for a college education that combines academic excellence with a strong Christian foundation? Louisiana has some of the best Christian colleges in the country, offering students the opportunity to grow in their faith while pursuing their academic and career goals. 

A wide variety of programs and degrees are offered by Louisiana’s Christian colleges, based on a commitment to Christian values. There is something for everyone at Louisiana’s Christian colleges, whether you’re looking to deepen your faith, discover new areas of study, or prepare for a meaningful career. Find out why these schools are so special and why they might be a good fit for you by exploring what makes them so special.

Best Christian Colleges in Louisiana

Are you eager to pursue higher education in Louisiana while remaining true to your Christian faith? Your search ends here! The following selection of Christian colleges in Louisiana offers an outstanding college experience, seamlessly blending academic excellence with spiritual development.

In each of the institutions on this list, you’ll find a distinctive atmosphere and a wide range of programs that will help you grow academically and personally.

Centenary College of Louisiana (Shreveport, Louisiana)

Image of Centenary College of Louisiana’s Campus
Image from Centenary College of Louisiana’s official website

College Type: Private Liberal Arts College

Tuition: $29,008 – $57,500

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Graduation Rate:  59%

Acceptance Rate:63%

Setting: City

Religious Affiliation: Protestant Christian

Established in 1825, Centenary College of Louisiana is a residential national liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. As a co-curricular program, the Christian Leadership Center (CLC) evolved from the College’s Church Careers program, established in 1974. 

In addition to theological study and leadership training, the CLC also provides opportunities for spiritual formation and Christian discipleship as well as interreligious and interdenominational dialogue. Through the intersection of faith and academy, and through issues of peace and justice, Christian leadership development is fostered.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to Centenary College, students are expected to have 

  • Completed college preparatory and advanced coursework during high school. 
  • Applicants are encouraged to complete a minimum number of units in specific academic subjects, including four units of English, three units of math, three units of social science, three units of natural science (with at least two lab courses when available), and two units of foreign language in the same language.

Once all application materials have been received, the student’s file will be considered complete and ready for review. Please note that the Admission Committee only reviews complete applications.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

A major in religious studies requires nine courses (36 hours), including Introduction to the Hebrew Bible or Introduction to Early Christian Literature (REL 101 or 102), Introduction to Religion (REL 111), Introduction to World Religions, at least two courses at the 200+ level that focus on specific religious traditions, at least four courses at the 300-level or above, and a Comprehensive Examination (REL 900, 90).

For students who want to pursue a minor in religious studies, they need to take five courses from the Department of Religious Studies, including Introduction to Religious Studies and at least two courses from the 300-level or above.

Dillard University (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Image of Dillard University’s Campus
Image from Dillard University’s official website

College Type: Private University

Tuition: $19,105 – $35,310

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Graduation Rate:  41%

Acceptance Rate:55%

Setting: Urban

Religious Affiliation: United Methodist and United Church of Christ

As a private, historically black, Christian university in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dillard University was founded by the United Methodist Church in 1930 and remains affiliated with it to this day. In addition to providing high-quality education, the university emphasizes the importance of serving the community and social justice.

On-campus, the Lawless Chapel Ministry (LCM) serves the religious and spiritual needs of the DU community and is located in Lawless Memorial Chapel’s office of the University Chaplain. VisionQuest, which was started by the Lilly Endowment in 2001, is affiliated with LCM. Through VisionQuest, students pursue ordained, music, and lay ministry and find their calling.

If you wish to see Dillard University’s campus, you can visit this link:

Admission Requirements

To apply to Dillard University, you will need to provide the following:

  • Official high school transcript or GED scores
  • ACT/SAT scores (if you are under 23 years old), 
  • Official transcript(s) from any previous college(s) attended
  • $36 application fee.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Theology

Along with the traditional curriculum in psychological studies, the program also offers opportunities for clinical and research experiences, allowing students to apply psychological principles in real-world situations.

Dillard University requires students pursuing this degree to complete a total of 120 credit hours of coursework, which includes 41 credits in the General Education Core, 45 credits in Major Requirements, and 34 credits in Additional Coursework. After consulting with their academic advisors, students may also choose 18 hours of elective courses in psychology or other academic disciplines across the university curriculum to match their career interests.

In addition to completing the core curriculum, psychology students at Dillard University are required to take two years of world language studies, and demonstrate proficiency in writing, statistics, and research skills. They also must conduct a research thesis and complete a field placement course that involves a community-based internship program. 

Louisiana College (Pineville, Louisiana) 

Image of Louisiana Christian University’s Campus
Image from Louisiana Christian University’s official website

College Type: Private University

Tuition: $14,946 – $28,540

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Graduation Rate:  50%

Acceptance Rate:56%

Setting: Suburban

Religious Affiliation: Louisiana Baptist Convention

Louisiana Christian University, founded in 1906, is a private coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences with selected professional programs. It is affiliated with the Baptist faith. A history of academic excellence and commitment to character and learning are hallmarks of the College. 

Licensed to award associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees by the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, it is the only Baptist four-year institution in Louisiana. Throughout the course of their careers, Louisiana Christian University faculty and staff strive to help students connect their passion with purpose so they can become tomorrow’s leaders.

Among the essential skills taught in the curriculum are critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning, which are highly valued on the job market today. Founded on the principles of Christ, Louisiana Christian University strives for academic excellence, and its community is dedicated to equipping students for careers in learning, leadership, and service.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for degree-seeking status must submit or have on file the following documents with the Admissions office prior to registration for classes:

  • A completed application for admission along with a $25 application fee.
  • An official transcript of high school and/or college credits or a high school equivalency diploma (GED) score.
  • A preliminary transcript must be sent directly from the high school to the Admissions office in a sealed envelope. 
  • Final transcript should be sent as soon as possible following high school graduation. 

A transcript must be submitted at least two weeks before registration for high school and transfer students who are uncertain if they meet the 2.0 grade point average requirement.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership with a Concentration in Missions and Ministries

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership program, with a Concentration in Missions and Ministries, is designed to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills required for leadership roles in Christian ministry. 

Throughout the program, students will delve into topics such as evangelism, church planting, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and discipleship. Additionally, students will take courses in organizational behavior, ethics, and strategic planning. The program’s total requirements are 125 credit hours, comprising general education courses, core courses in leadership and theology, specialized courses in missions and ministry, and electives.

Bachelor of Arts in Missions and Ministries

The Bachelor of Arts in Missions and Ministries program prepares students for a career in Christian ministry by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills. The program offers a strong foundation in biblical studies, theology, and practical ministry skills, covering topics such as evangelism, church planting, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and discipleship.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts in Missions and Ministries, students need to fulfill 120 credit hours. Alongside general education courses, students will take core courses in biblical studies and theology, and specialized courses in missions and ministry. Students can also opt to focus their studies in a particular area of ministry, like youth or pastoral ministry.

Bachelor Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

The Bachelor Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is a short program designed to provide students with an introduction to the key concepts and skills required for effective pastoral ministry. This program is ideal for those who are interested in pursuing a career in ministry but are not yet ready to commit to a full degree program.

Students will complete a total of 16 credit hours of coursework, which includes foundational courses in biblical studies and theology as well as practical courses in pastoral care and leadership. The program is designed to be completed in a relatively short period of time, typically taking one to two semesters to finish

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Image of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Campus
Image from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ’s official website

College Type: Private University

Tuition: The tuition fees for various programs are structured as follows: For undergraduate programs affiliated with SBC* (Southern Baptist Convention), the cost per credit hour is $325.00. Similarly, for master’s degree programs affiliated with SBC*, the cost per credit hour is $315.00. 

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Graduation Rate:  59.32%

Acceptance Rate:61%

Setting: Suburban

Religious Affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention

Since 1917, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has prepared students for their divine calling. NOBTS provides an academic environment that prepares students for ministry in various roles, including pastors, missionaries, counselors, youth ministers, educators, worship leaders, apologists, and more, using innovative delivery systems. NOBTS is all about equipping students to follow God’s lead wherever it takes them.

It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. The graduate programs are also accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. As a member of the National Association of Schools of Music, NOBTS is also authorized to operate within the State of Florida.

Admission Requirements

For a more comprehensive look at the admission requirements and procedures, we recommend visiting the official website of the institution at

Course Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry major serves as a fundamental pathway for students passionate about worship leadership. Comprising 24 semester hours of worship-related courses, this major equips students with a solid foundation in worship principles and practices.

By pursuing the Worship Ministry major, students gain the necessary qualifications to pursue various graduate degrees, including the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Worship Ministry programs. This major serves as a stepping stone towards advanced study, enabling students to delve deeper into their understanding of worship and further develop their skills in leading congregational worship.

Whether aspiring to become worship pastors, worship leaders, or ministry directors, the Worship Ministry major provides a comprehensive education that equips students for impactful worship ministry roles. 

Master of Arts in Christian Education

The Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) program, consisting of 60 credit hours, aims to prepare individuals for ministry leadership roles in various capacities. As part of the MACE program, students have the option to select a concentration from a range of available areas. 

If a concentration is chosen, the student will need to substitute the specific concentration requirements with Christian Education Electives as outlined in the degree plan. This flexibility allows students to tailor their education to their specific ministry interests and goals within the realm of Christian education.

Master of Arts in Discipleship

The Master of Arts in Discipleship (MADI) program is an in-depth, 36-credit-hour program meticulously crafted to equip students for leadership roles in ministry, with a distinct emphasis on discipleship.

In the MADI program, students are presented with a choice between two tracks: a general studies track and a specialized track in mentoring within discipleship ministry. The mentoring track offers a unique field-based instructional format, providing students with invaluable opportunities to gain practical experience and directly apply their learning within the context of discipleship ministry.

Master of Divinity 

The recent revision of the MDiv program has strengthened the offerings in the classical disciplines such as biblical languages, biblical studies, theology, and church history. However, the program remains committed to its focus on practical application in areas such as preaching, Christian ministry, mission, and church leadership. This balanced approach ensures that you receive a well-rounded education that equips you for the challenges and opportunities of modern ministry.

If you feel a calling to ministry, the MDiv program offers the best preparation available. With its comprehensive curriculum spanning 87-91 credit hours, the program is designed to equip individuals for pastoral and leadership roles within the church. By pursuing the MDiv, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and spiritual formation to make a meaningful impact in your ministry journey.

Doctor of Ministry & Doctor of Educational Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin) are esteemed professional degrees accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). To pursue the Doctor of Ministry degree, applicants must hold an ATS-accredited Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or a master’s degree in a ministry-related field from an accredited college, university, or seminary. 

On the other hand, the Doctor of Educational Ministry degree requires a theological ministerial or professional master’s degree from an accredited institution. These programs are built upon a foundation of high intellectual achievement and professional capability.

Both the D.Min and D.Ed.Min degrees typically involve three to five years of study beyond the master’s degree, with a maximum time limit of six years. The programs incorporate a combination of workshops, seminars, and a significant ministry project tailored to address a specific need in the student’s ministry context. 

University of Holy Cross (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Image of University of Holy Cross’s Campus
Image from University of Holy Cross’s official website

College Type: Private Liberal Arts College

Tuition: After considering financial aid, the average cost for students amounts to approximately $36,000.

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Graduation Rate:  50%

Acceptance Rate:56%

Setting: Suburban

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

The University was founded in 1916 as Our Lady of Holy Cross College, and its roots go back to the Marianites of Holy Cross. The Marianites wanted to train and prepare teachers to teach the growing number of schools they were starting. A strong commitment to the education of future educators and the university’s strong ties to the Marianite Sisters make UHC an exceptional place to learn.

With smaller class sizes, students can expect a more intimate learning environment where personalized attention is readily available. The faith-based atmosphere fosters a sense of spiritual growth and provides a supportive backdrop for academic pursuits. Students can also benefit from a team of professionals who are genuinely invested in their success, offering guidance and support along their educational journey.

Admission Requirements

If you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to reach out to the Office of Admissions at or by calling (504) 398-2175. They will be happy to assist you and provide the information you need.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

At UHC, you have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theology as your major or earn a minor in Theology alongside another major. One of the unique strengths of UHC is its commitment to integrating faith into every facet of your academic journey, regardless of your chosen field. 

You will have the chance to take two Theology courses as part of your core curriculum, which will provide you with a solid foundation in theological studies. However, for those who are especially motivated and passionate about theology, there is the option to select additional theology courses as your free electives, enabling you to earn a Minor in Theology while pursuing your primary major.

Alternatively, if you have a deep interest in theology and desire to delve even further into the subject, you can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theology as your major. This specialized program will provide you with an extensive understanding of theological principles, scriptural interpretation, historical context, and ethical considerations.

Master of Arts in Catholic Theology

The University of Holy Cross takes pride in offering the Master’s of Arts in Catholic Theology (MACT) program. Following the tradition of the Marianites of Holy Cross, the MACT program aims to educate the mind without neglecting the heart. Students will engage in a comprehensive thirty-six (36) credit hour course of study, leading to the esteemed degree of Master of Arts in Catholic Theology.

While the program primarily caters to Catholic Christians, it also welcomes Christians from different denominations and individuals from diverse religious backgrounds who have an interest in understanding the theology of the Catholic Church.

The MACT program offers a unique hybrid learning experience, combining both in-class and online formats. Students enrolled in the program will have the privilege of studying Theology in the lively and culturally diverse city of New Orleans. 

Resources and Christian Organizations in Louisiana

Louisiana, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant communities, is home to a multitude of valuable resources and Christian organizations dedicated to serving and uplifting individuals and communities. In this compilation, we bring together a diverse range of resources and organizations that contribute to the spiritual growth, social welfare, and overall well-being of the people of Louisiana. 

New Orleans Mission: The New Orleans Mission is a charitable organization located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and assistance to individuals facing homelessness, poverty, addiction, and other life challenges. 

Their collective efforts are essential in providing compassionate care, support, and resources to those in need. To sustain their operations and extend their reach, the organization relies on the generous support of donations, grants, and contributions from the community.

Warrior Notes: Warrior Notes serves as a dynamic force in supporting Christian colleges and students throughout their educational and spiritual journeys. Guided by a faith-driven mission and a passion for equipping the next generation of Christian leaders, Warrior Notes actively fosters growth, offers valuable resources, and creates exciting opportunities for students and colleges alike.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by Christian colleges and students, Warrior Notes takes proactive measures to address these needs. Beyond financial assistance, Warrior Notes offers mentoring and discipleship programs tailored specifically to students. These programs aim to nurture and fortify students’ faith, offering the necessary guidance and support to navigate the intricacies of college life while remaining steadfast in their Christian beliefs.

Louisiana Baptists: Louisiana Baptists is a prominent organization dedicated to serving and supporting Baptist churches and believers throughout the state of Louisiana. With a rich heritage rooted in Baptist traditions, Louisiana Baptists play a vital role in advancing the Kingdom of God, fostering spiritual growth, and impacting communities through their various ministries and resources.

At the heart of Louisiana Baptists’ mission is a commitment to spreading the Gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ. They provide churches with valuable resources, training, and support to equip them for effective ministry and outreach. Through conferences, workshops, and educational programs, Louisiana Baptists empower church leaders and members to fulfill their callings and make a positive impact in their communities.

Lifeway: Lifeway Christian Resources, commonly known as Lifeway, is a prominent Christian publishing and retail organization committed to providing resources and materials that inspire and equip individuals on their spiritual journeys. With a rich history spanning several decades, Lifeway has become a trusted name in the Christian community, offering a wide range of products and services to help people grow in their faith and engage with the teachings of the Bible.

One of the primary focuses of Lifeway is publishing Christian literature, including books, Bible studies, devotionals, and curriculum materials. In addition to publishing, Lifeway operates Christian retail stores across the United States, providing a diverse selection of Christian books, Bibles, music, gifts, and church supplies. Their stores serve as community hubs, offering a welcoming environment where individuals can browse through a vast array of faith-based resources and receive personalized recommendations from knowledgeable staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Louisiana

Are Christian colleges in Louisiana only for students of the Christian faith?

No, Christian colleges in Louisiana welcome students of all faith backgrounds. While these institutions have a Christian foundation and may incorporate faith-based values into their curriculum, they often have a diverse student body.

Are there scholarship opportunities available for students at Christian colleges in Louisiana?

Scholarship opportunities are offered by numerous Christian colleges in Louisiana, with eligibility criteria often based on factors such as academic accomplishments, leadership skills, community involvement, or chosen fields of study. For detailed information on available scholarships, it is advisable to directly contact the financial aid office of the specific college you are interested in.

Can I transfer credits from another college to a Christian college in Louisiana?

Transfer credit policies vary among colleges, but many Christian colleges in Louisiana accept transfer credits from other regionally accredited institutions. It is advisable to contact the admissions or registrar’s office of the college you are interested in attending for specific information regarding credit transfer.

Are there on-campus chapel services or religious activities at Christian colleges in Louisiana?

Yes, most Christian colleges in Louisiana have on-campus chapel services and offer various religious activities. These can include weekly worship services, Bible studies, prayer groups, and other spiritual gatherings.

Can I pursue a secular degree at a Christian college in Louisiana?

Christian colleges in Louisiana provide a diverse range of academic options that encompass both secular degree programs and Christian-focused programs. Regardless of their religious beliefs, students have the opportunity to pursue a wide array of majors and disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive education that caters to their individual interests and career aspirations.